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8 Common Misconceptions about Solar Power System

Over the past few years, solar energy has made the leap from being a luxury trend to the necessity of the normal energy consumers, giving tough competition to the traditional utility energy provider. Though many people in Melbourne are installing solar panels, there are still plenty who hesitate in getting one. This is due to the fact that they are often misguided as solar been not a good, affordable and easy energy option.

There is no denying in the fact that whenever almost any new technology gain traction in modern society, a reasonable amount of misinformation and myths tend to spread amongst the people. Solar energy is no exception. There are several misconceptions floating around that prevent many residents from switching to solar panels in Melbourne.

Solar energy is a greener and cleaner energy source that uses the sun rays to power your home or office. Installing solar panels in Melbourne has countless economic and environmental benefits, and we understand the importance of debunking the myths and properly educating people about solar energy. Let’s take a look:

#1 Installing Solar Panels is an Expensive Affair

Most of the Melbourne homeowners shy away from installing solar systems in Melbourne because they think that the initial cost is too much. Well, that’s not true. Over the years, not only the cost of solar systems has gone down tremendously, but also the potential savings from solar systems have risen.

Also, there are several financing options available, allowing you to save money before you even pay off the solar panels costs. When annual savings on the energy bills are combined with the government rebate and other incentives that cover almost 30% of the initial costs, installing solar panels in Melbourne is not only highly affordable but a great financial investment too.

#2 Solar Panels Doesn’t Work in Cloudy Weather

Though it is true that solar panels work excellent with regular sunshine, but cloudy weather will not extensively reduce the amount of energy generated through solar panels. Solar panels work by gathering visible light, and indirect sunlight scattered by the clouds will still reach your panels and generate electricity.

One indirect benefit of rain or snow is that it helps in getting rid of dust and debris from the solar panels, saving you time and money on the cleaning job.

#3 Solar Systems Demands Surplus Maintenance

The main goal of the solar panels is to enhance the efficiency of your home for years to come. Thereby, solar panels are designed to be highly durable and the system also has no moving parts, which minimise the need for maintenance. The only upkeep needed is eradicating all the dirt and debris a few times a year. Cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge will suffice the need.

However, there is no hurt in having your solar panels inspected on an annual basis. For more information, have a look at our blog about essential tips to extend the life of your solar panels.

Solar Panels Melbourne

#4 Solar Panels Can Damage My Roof

Solar panels are installed in a way which aid in the ability of your roof shingles to protect against moisture. When done by a professional, solar panels are installed on top of solar rails which are secured to the attic rafters. Most contractors provide warranty on their solar installation for over 10 years.

The fun fact is that now the solar panels are blocking the UV rays that were hitting your roof, ultimately providing protection against the weather. In short, solar panels actually aid in extending the shelf life of the roof.

#5 The Payback Period Is Too Long

A common misconception that revolves around a solar panel system is that it takes several years before you start seeing ROI. But, that’s not the case in reality. Depending on the initial investment and project size, you can start seeing ROI spontaneously.

An ROI can be counted once the initial installation cost is paid for in energy savings offered by the solar power generated by the system. The payback period, usually depends on the initial set-up cost and how much electricity is generated by the system. If you avail present government incentives and programs, your actual investment can be covered in as little as 4-6 years and in some cases, potentially less time if you install your own solar system.

If you are concerned about selling your home prior to the solar system being paid off. You need to understand here is that the solar panels actually amplify the value of your property. This means that your solar installation cost can be covered by an increased selling price of your home.

#6 It’s Better To Wait More For The Solar System Prices To Come Down

Enhanced technology, increased demand and greater availability of incentives and rebates have already reduced the price of the solar system, significantly. As the costs have dropped so drastically and the solar system installation is heavily incentivised, it’s not necessarily a good option to wait for the future.

Waiting more in order to save money is a misconception that many people tend to believe. But the truth is that the cost of solar systems may reduce constantly, but it won’t reduce so drastically as what it had over the last few years. Moreover, all the incentives and tax credits come with an expiry date. Thus, waiting can eventually mean a loss of funding for solar installation.

#7 Solar Panels Can Harm Your Curb Appeal

There is no doubt that having an energy efficient home is great. But many homeowners are concerned that bulky, unappealing solar panels can harm the curb appeal of their property. However, with the increasing ubiquity of the solar panels, they are now widely accepted and don’t stand out as much anymore. Moreover, solar panels are now designed while keeping the aesthetics in mind. Modern solar panels are thin and sleek which appear seamless with the surrounding roof.

#8 I Should Wait For Solar System To Become More Technological Advanced

Though many companies are working towards improving the efficiency of the solar panels and there have been plenty of upgrades over the years, the technology available today is well established and sufficient to cover the 100% energy usage of the home. The major technological advancement has already happened and is continuing to occur now. In fact, the solar power will likely energise your home as is; the incentives will start to expire in the coming years. Thus, it may be in your best interest to install solar panels in Melbourne before the plans expire.  As waiting for solar to become more efficient, you may lose out on the tax credit.


Don’t be fooled by any of these misconceptions. Solar systems are a green and clean energy alternative which is capable to generate electricity for your home or office. It is not only a valuable asset for your property, but is beneficial for the environment too.

The real estate market is embracing solar energy, making it vital for the homeowners to leverage solar energy to sell or refinance their property. In addition, government initiatives are funding tools and resources, making it easy for you install solar panels in Melbourne property. Thus, don’t fall for these myths and reap the benefits of solar energy today!

solar panel installation Melbourne 

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Panel Installation Company

The usage of renewable energy sources in Melbourne is increasing day by day as it is a great way to save a lot of money. Solar energy is the most preferred forms of the renewable source of energy that is feasible and totally inexhaustible. One of the essential ways to use solar energy is through the installation of solar panels in Melbourne. It will reduce the environmental impact on your property and offset energy costs.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Whether you want to reduce your dependency on an electricity system or take the advantage of solar energy, installation of solar panels on your roof is a great idea. It is considered as the biggest investment so there is a lot to think about before making the decision. To make it more clear for you, here is the short list covering the key benefits of solar panel installation in Melbourne.

  • Great way to make a tax-free income
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Save you money on your electric bills
  • Virtually it requires less maintenance
  • Less vulnerable to blackouts and power cuts
  • Long lasting energy source

Overall, solar panels are the best option for the Melbournian to produce a significant amount of electricity, which is enough to power your entire commercial or residential property. You can take these benefits by choosing one of the leading solar companies in Melbourne which provides efficient and quality installation of solar panels.

How to Choose the Best Solar Company?

Solar panels Melbourne

Once you have made the strong decision to install solar panels and decided about your tools and financing choices, the ultimate step is to choose a solar company to complete your solar panel installation.

As it is your lifetime investment, it is very essential to work with someone that you can trust. One of the best ways to make your decision-making process a bit easier is to ask the valid questions. This way it will boost your confidence to install the quality solar panels from the right installer in Melbourne. Here are some of the top questions to ask your solar panel installation company:-

#Question1: How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?

Considering an experienced solar panel installer will be able to work more economically and speedily. Also, they are able to provide you with better prices on panels and other components. Therefore, before choosing any solar companies in Melbourne ask about their years of experience and save money by eliminating electric bills.

#Question2: What Guarantee Do You Provide On Your Solar Panels?

It is always advisable that you should never make any important purchase unless and until you know every detail and getting them in writing. While searching for the right solar panel installer, you can hear that we will there for you down the road but is it true? Except you get the warranty in writing, it is not worthwhile to trust them. Thus, ask for the warranty on the installation of the solar panels in Melbourne before proceeding further.

#Question3: Where Are Your Solar Panels Manufactured?

The manufacturing of solar panels is performed all over the world, but not all are equally created.  Some of them are more reliable and long-lasting than others. There is a possibility that panels made overseas are of low-quality. They might not last long or inefficient to convert sunlight into electricity. So, it is very important to ask about the manufacturing of solar panels.

#Question4: Are Your Solar Panel System Eco-Friendly?

Some of the solar panel systems aren’t as sustainable and eco-conscious so you might think. There is a possibility that panels manufactured overseas often utilising toxic chemicals in the making process. Adding to this, the transportation of solar panels across the ocean creates a huge amount of greenhouse gasses. It is suggested to enquire about how a company disposes of old panels. Therefore, choose the one who disposed of properly and recycled whenever possible.

#Question5: Will The Solar Panel Installation Enhance The Value of My Property?

According to the numerous studies, solar panel installation in Melbourne will increase the value of your property. The increased value is directly proportional to the number of solar PV panels installed.  If you have large houses, then it will usually receive a higher value. Overall, installing a solar panel is one of the safest and wisest investments you can make.


If you are ready to install a solar panel system on your residential or commercial property, then before that it is very essential to look for one of the best solar companies in Melbourne. Go through the above-mentioned important questions before choosing the right solar company. This will provide you with the complete peace of mind of having an efficient installation of solar panels at an affordable price. Also, do not miss these essential tips that will help you extend the life of your solar panels.

solar panels Melbourne

Essential Tips to Extend the Life of Your Solar Panels

If you are living in Melbourne, Australia, then you might be aware of the fact that solar panels are an affordable option that will save you money in the long run. The importance of solar panel has also been observed in the report generated by the Australian Energy Council, which suggests that Australia continues to have a strong uptake in installing solar panels. Therefore, if you are Melbournian and want to get essential benefits associated with generating electricity, then the installation of solar panels is the best option.

Importance of Installing Solar Panels in Melbourne

solar panel installation Melbourne

Utilising renewable sources of energy has always been a great idea on a commercial level, but now the good news is that it is slowly becoming a viable option at a residential level too. If you want to reduce your dependency on an electrical system or power grids, then you can install solar panels on your roof and take advantage of solar energy. It will not only provide you with pollution-free power sources.

Ordering and installing solar panels from the best solar companies in Melbourne is one of the biggest investment. Therefore, there are several key points to keep in mind before making a decision such as:-

  • Determine if solar panels would benefit your house or company
  • Verify the consumption rate
  • Check out different types of solar panels available in the market
  • Ensure that you purchase it from a reputable suppliers
  • Determine how much it would cost you to purchase and install the entire solar set up

Choose the solar panel which is best suited for your commercial and residential requirements. Here are top 5 questions to ask your solar panel installation company. After purchasing the best solar panels according to your specifications, it is very important that you maintain it properly and carefully. Doing this will increase the lifespan of solar panels.

How to Extend the Life of Solar Panels?

  1. Clean Your Solar Panel Regularly

The solar panel does not have any moving parts. That is why it becomes easy to maintain. Cleaning the solar panel is one of the most important aspects of solar panel maintenance, which should not be taken lightly. Living in Melbourne means welcoming sudden rains with dust and debris. The impact of this debris is worst on solar panel as it reduces its performance level. Therefore, the most helpful way to clean your solar panels is with a hose and a bucket of soapy water.

  1. Keep Your Solar Panels Out Of The Shade

A solar panel is made up of solar cells and each solar cell which is covered by shade will stop working. Therefore, if 25% of the solar cells in the panel are in shade, then that panel will produce 25% less power. This means that if your solar panel is more in shade then it will be less productive. To avoid this, you can go for uni-solar panels which are shade tolerant than other types of solar panels in Melbourne.

  1. Observe The Solar Panel Carefully

Monitoring the solar panel is very important. You need to ensure that they are operating properly and correctly. If you have made up your mind to install solar panels, then you should check the generation meter of the panel once a week and take a note of the reading. This way you will know the performance level of your solar panel and take the necessary steps to improve it.

  1. Avoid Damage To Solar Panels

Water leakage from deteriorated or old seals is one of the things which can cause damage to your solar panels. When this happens, it can lead to short-circuiting and degrade the components of your solar panels. Therefore, to avoid damage to solar panels, it is important to reseal each panel or contact one of the best solar companies in Melbourne.


In order to extend the life of your solar panel, it is very important to have a proper and correct installation service. So, whether you are a homeowner or a businessman, it is very essential to find one of the best company offering professional solar panel installation in Melbourne. Also, by following above-mentioned key point can help your solar panel to last longer.

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How Do Audio Visual Equipment Help in Business Communication?

The advancement in technology has come a long way since the usage of oversized television sets and crackling speakers. Even people working with corporate or business world now increasingly focus on multimedia experiences for its businesses and organizations.

Having an audio visual setup can turn out to be a major aid to your business because it not only creates an attractive space to conduct meetings and presentations but also enhances your professional front. Australia, being one of the technically literate countries and leaders in the field of technology and communication development, the need for having a dedicated audio visual consultant in Melbourne has risen. It enhances the quality and the multi-sensory communications models increase retention for various presentations and meetings. This model or approach is basically referred to as multimedia presentation and includes a variety of mediums like:

  • Written
  • Visual
  • Audio
  • Interactive sessions

Gone are the days when presentations were limited to taking hand-written notes. Enhancing your business with audio visual installation in Melbourne allows you to appeal to a wider audience and keep them interested. It not only adds new dimensions to your information but also improves the quality of the presentation.Let us look at some of the salient factors of how choosing an AV equipment  in Melbourne can be a boon to your business:


audio visual consultants Melbourne

1. They Assist In Information Retention

According to the Department of Labor’s Office of Training and Education, the retention of a person increases 6 times when information is presented in the form of audio visual content. Usually, people have a difficult time retaining information three to five days after they’ve heard it in a conference or a meeting. But, the combination of sound and visuals help in the maximum retention of the information. This is the reason why maximum audio visual aids are used in training and workshop sessions.

2. Engages the Audience Better Than Contemporary Methods

Using different mediums of interactions during a conference or a presentation helps the audience interact, engage and become a part of the session. Active participation in the process, constant questions and answers and group activities through AV equipment in Melbourne can break the monotony of the presentation and make it livelier.

3. Simplification of Complex Reports

AV equipment in Melbourne can help simplify complex reports and make their understanding easier and better. Imagine a technical report presented to you only in the form of text. Hard to imagine right? Graphics along with visual content can help provide better illustrations to what words try to convey. So, audio visual consultants in Melbourne carefully create an audio visual aid and help you enhance your business.

4. Much More Effective in Decision-Making

Audio Visual technologies make exchanging information a lot easier and quicker as compared to other modes of communication. It takes a lot less time in understanding a visual communication and the audience can interpret it much faster. Many business owners have realised that using AV equipment can appeal to a larger audience and help them make efficient and quicker decisions.

5. Audio Visual Aids Save Time

The major commodity in a business is time management. There might be times when your information might be too complicated or is monotonous about one same topic. In such cases, AV equipment in Melbourne can fulfil your purpose. Using animations, pie charts or diagrams can make absorbing the information much easier.

The audio visual consultants in Melbourne can help you simplify the operation of any audio or video equipment with their thorough understanding of various AV equipment and systems. They are committed to providing excellent solutions for all your conferencing needs.


Choosing a reliable AV equipment hire in Melbourne can help you with promoting your business in the most cost-effective way and that too without any hassles. Know how to choose the right stage and projector for your business event. Make sure you carry out proper research before you choose a consultant to ensure that you achieve the maximum out of your investments.

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How to Choose the Right Stage and Projector for Your Event?

When you are organising an event in Melbourne that is going to feature live performances, there are two major essentials to take care of – the correct stage and the right projector. You have a number of options for stage and projector hire in Melbourne, but the question is; on what parameters will you select both for your upcoming event?

Let’s get into the details one-by-one.

Stage Hire For Your Event

Stage Hire Melbourne

Talking about the stage hire in Melbourne, you need to consider a number of factors that provide you with a peace of mind that the chosen stage is perfect for your event. Listed down below are the tips that will help you in getting the right stage.

Tip: 1 Know Your Performers

Knowing your performer’s need is of a great importance. When you begin to connect with your performers for your event, ask them their specific needs and discuss out what will work best for them. This will help you hire the right stage, sufficing the needs of the event thoroughly.

Tip: 2 Fix up Your Budget

Events are majorly budget-driven. There are various stage options, it’s on you to choose the one that fits best for your performers and most importantly, that fits best with your budget. Hence, before exploring, take a budget in mind and find the stage options there onwards.

Tip: 3 Consider the Weather

Weather is unpredictable here, which makes it imperative for you to give it a good amount of consideration while opting for stage hire in Melbourne. You should have a backup plan or necessary stage arrangements that won’t disturb your event in case of instant weather change.

Tip: 4 Select the Perfect Height

Recognise the peak of the audience sight and based on it, select your stage height. You can decide your stage height based on two factors – one is the number of the audience attending the event and another is the height of the venue available to you.

Projector Hire for Your Event

Projector Hire Melbourne

There are many factors that can affect the quality of the projected image if the hired projected is not up to the mark. An audio-video consultant can help Your AV Project in the best way possible. Opting for the quality projector lamps in Melbourne requires this brief guideline to follow:

Guideline: 1 Projector Brightness

You need to make sure that the size of the projected image is enough for easy viewing by your audience. For this, finding out the number of audiences and the size of the room can be of great help. Accordingly, you can demand a specific projector brightness while opting for projector hire in Melbourne.

Guideline 2: Projector Resolution

The high-resolution projectors are known to produce more crisp and clear images than the lower resolution ones. Hence, generally, it is recommended to have high-resolution projector lamps in Melbourne, especially when you need to display fine detailed images or performances with animations or advanced display techniques.

Guideline 3: Projector Weight and Size

An event can be organised anywhere, in an open space, in a big conference event hall and so on. In these cases, moving the projector from one place to another can be a big concern. On the contrary, choosing a light-weight and small-sized projector i.e. a portable projector is a more feasible option to consider for your event.

Guideline 4: Projector Connectivity

You wouldn’t want a situation where you are in the middle of your event and your projector experiences some connectivity glitch. To avoid this, it is very important to ensure that you have a smooth connectivity. After all, there is nothing worse than experiencing a cable or connection issue during the event.

Are these Tips and Guidelines Handy Enough?

The above-mentioned tips and guidelines are not rocket science. In fact, they are quite easy to practice while opting for a stage or projector hire in Melbourne. Considering these productive inputs will give you a peace of mind that your event turns out to be a successful one.

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Why Should You Leave Ducted Heating Repair to the Professionals?

Melbourne is the city made for winters. This statement can be concluded by the statistic approved by the Australian government bureau of meteorology. It states that in July 2017 the temperatures at night in Melbourne have been usually colder than the average and at many suburbs, the temperature recorded was below zero.

Therefore, when the cold really hits in winter, you need to find a middle ground between having a home that is cosy and resulting energy bills that won’t break your budget. This is where ducted heating plays an important role.

Prepare Your Home For Winter With Ducted Heating Installation

It is the central heating system designed to heat your entire home or office. They are a simple and efficient manner of warming your property. Through ducted heating installation in Melbourne, you can control the temperature easily to create the most suitable climate.

Ducted heaters are also known as conventional heaters which circulate warm air throughout your home or office via insulated ducts. This warm air enters your rooms through the floor or ceiling. Normally, ducted heaters run on natural gas, but nowadays electric reverse-cycle air conditioners are also available. While the system can keep your home warm and comfortable when the air outside turns chilly, the ducted heating system must be properly maintained.

Why Opt For Ducted Heating Repair?

There are numerous reasons that indicate the importance of professional ducted heating repair in Melbourne for your residential or commercial property. Some of the reasons include:

  • Your energy usage is getting increased than normal
  • Doesn’t heat your room as needed
  • You and your family have started experiencing respiratory and/or allergy problems
  • The ductwork makes strange sounds
  • Stuffy and smelly indoor areas

Some of the Melbournians often underestimate these signs which depict the necessity of ducted heating service in Melbourne. To solve these issues, a regular maintenance of the ducted heating system is a good investment. It allows you to live or work in a healthy environment.

Maintain Your Ducted Heating System with the Help of Professionals

Hiring a licensed local residential electrician can help you big time. If you are keen to know how then read the blog on the reasons for the same. Having your ducted heating system cleaned, tuned and inspected by professionals delivers you significant benefits including:-

  • Saves Energy

A ducted heating system that is polluted with dust has to work more efficiently in order to increase the temperature in your home. An experienced technician will execute a number of essential operations including:-

  • Testing airflow
  • Tightening loose connections
  • Cleaning or updating the air filter
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Test system controls
  • Test thermostat calibration
  • Visually inspect ductwork
  • Check connections

Professionals performing each of this ducted heating repair operations decreased the energy usage and your monthly electricity bill.

  • Void Your Warranty

Trying to repair your ducted heating system could cause breakdown or require more repairs in a few days. Self-made repairs usually void your warranty, which means you have to pay for expensive repairs without any warranty coverage. So, contacting professionals for your ducted heating repair in Melbourne can save you from costly repairs.

  • Enhanced Air Quality

The air from ducted heating system circulates all over your duct network, carrying minute particles. Common contaminants which are responsible for poor air quality include dust, pollen, pet dander, mould, mildew and bacteria. These particulates are unable to trap due to blocked air filter or dirty system components in your ducts. Through the professional ducted heating repair, you can save from allergies or asthma by providing a high-level of air quality.

  • Reliability

If you will schedule your preventive maintenance for ducted heating system performed by professionals, then it will ensure your system will function at peak performance. Also, provide you reliable heating services by avoiding a mid-season breakdown. 

  • Easy and Affordable Installation

Ducted heating installation in Melbourne is rather simpler and generally doesn’t take more than a day as long as weather permits. A specialised team of experts has thorough knowledge and skill needed to fulfil your installation requirements. You will observe little trouble, ensuring that ducted heater installation goes smoothly and your rooms receive enough amount of heat.


Choosing the right ducted heating repair specialist is extremely important. They are the experts providing ducted heating system tune-ups, installations and repairs, improving the atmosphere of your home or office.

Get the High-Quality and Contaminant-free Air through the Proper Ducted Heating Repair!

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How An Audio Video Consultant Can Help Your AV Project?

Putting together an AV project requires a lot of resources and the right audio visual consultants incorporating their skills. Are you confused about the selection part? Here’s a quick read on how to choose the right stage and projector for your event. With a Melbourne being one of the most city with happening on daily basis, the need for reliable AV Visual Consultants has tremendously increased. Having a professional who understands the ins and outs of audiovisual makes it easy to make an event successful. Audio Visual Consultants work tirelessly for providing excellent multimedia solutions to their customers. They’ll help you with:

  • Setting Up A Speaker System

One of the most important parts of communication is for listeners at an event to hear what is being said. This involves working with and setting up a speaker system for an effective communication strategy.

  • Working With The Projector

A wide range of projectors is available for projecting photo and video images. Projectors can also be used for mirroring the Android smartphone, running presentations from a tablet or laptop.

av equipment hire melbourne

  • Providing Visual Aids

The use of presentations on a screen can aid with the communication immensely and also provide a platform for one to share their thoughts and ideas with the audience. It is very much interesting for the audience if they can understand things through other means than speech. Aids like diagrams, photographs and graphs also help in displaying information concisely and help the audience retain the information after the event.

  • Setting Up A Stage

The stage sections can be arranged in any configuration for making nearly any stage design. The stage can also be matched with portable stairs. Stage set up is usually strong enough to be used for any event including those that are corporate in nature.

  • Quality Video Content

Videos are a wonderful method of communicating with the audience and can clearly inform any viewer in a fun way, much like with visual aids. Being able to deploy videos of recorded events will help with user engagement or distributing content to a wider audience as in advertising.

  • Recording And Broadcasting

AV systems support the recording and live broadcasting of events. This can be useful for engaging with the wider audience by providing content to people who are not able to be present in person at an event.

  • Adequate Lighting

Lighting can make any event better be it stage lighting for production or lighting in a filmed video. It can help the viewers focus on what they want and makes any event more interesting as opposed to having no light variation.

Audio Visual Installation in Melbourne involves installing and supporting complex audio/visual systems in a variety of environments. When the system is working properly, then it can be expected that an event will give the best results.

Duties and Responsibilities of Audio Visual Consultants in Melbourne:

  • Performing specialized audio visual installation on Melbourne sites.
  • Arranging and handling the cables, diagnosing room structural interior for optimum installations and placing audio and video cables
  • Installing various control systems
  • Installing video conferencing systems
  • Assisting with structural installation of screens, displays and projectors
  • Maintaining daily communication tasks
  • Travel to off-site corporate locations as a part of the system installation
  • Participating in industry training sessions, conventions and seminars
  • Maintaining a professional appearance and outstanding customer interaction
  • Getting authorization to work as a full-time employer or technician

Benefits associated with professional AV equipment hire service:

  • Cost Savings

AV equipment hire Melbourne service can bring down your costs. Specialist AV equipment hire opens up with the possibility to plan without incurring any substantial cost. Renting the best equipment will reduce the cost of purchasing, maintenance and depreciation.

  • Regular Maintenance

AV equipment is regularly maintained as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. This provides confidence that the equipment will be reliable.

  • Competent Technicians

AV equipment companies also have the right staff and expertise. Evert technician has an area of expertise. AV technicians can provide clear solutions to any problem.

  • Time-Saving

Engaging a pro AV company will ensure that the presentation runs smoothly and time is saved.


Audio Visual consultants in Melbourne are essential for the success of an event. Involving consultants in a project from the beginning can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls that arise during the process. They’ll be ensuring that the system can be easily project managed and correctly integrated, regardless of the complexity of the system or building infrastructure.

Projector Hire Melbourne

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Projector For Your Next Event

Melbourne is a city known for its creativity and professionalism. Whatever the season, the city is buzzing with theatre, exhibitions, concerts, festivals and corporate events. Whether the event is a conference, gala dinner, company awards lights, company products launch or exhibition, Melbournians always wants to take their event to the next level with amazing conceptual staging and scenery enhancement, leaving correct message conveyed to audiences.

Here comes the need for high-quality projectors and stage hire facility in Melbourne. Projectors are used to liven up dull or dark parts of the venue by reflecting scenery, business information and more. On the other hand stage hire in Melbourne will help to take away your stress of creating an appealing stage for the upcoming events. With a range of handrails and other accessories, you will get everything in your staging systems.

Importance of Projector Hire  

According to the statistics provided by the city of Melbourne, the business event industry is the highest yielding sector, providing $1.2 billion annually. This suggests the importance of events in corporate sectors. Business organizations are looking for cost-effective ways to share their information with large groups of people presented in an event. The most affordable choice is to hire projectors. They are popular these days, especially among the modern generation for impressing attendees in events. Here is a brief guide that will assist you in choosing the right stage and projector for your event. 

Projector Lamp Melbourne

As the technology has become more widespread, prices have dropped, making renting projector more affordable. You will be able to rent a high-quality projector for the times you need it rather than purchase it and rarely use it. So, why buy a projector that you may only use a couple of times a year when you can hire one as and when you need it? Go for projector hire in Melbourne and make your event memorable for attendees. From saving money to the cutting-edge technology, read on to find the advantages of hiring a projector for your next event.

  1. Ease of use

Projector hire in Melbourne is becoming a popular choice for business events because it is easy to use and install. They are lightweight and portable, which makes them quick and simple to install for your upcoming event. Projector screens can simply be placed where they are needed and moved easily from one place to another if necessary.

  1. Affordable

If you require projectors only for important meetings, maybe once in a few months, then renting a projector is the affordable choice for you. There are many companies who are dedicated to providing affordable projector hire in Melbourne so you can tailor a solution that meets the particular need of your business event. With projector hire service you will get all the necessary accessories from mounted screen to the tripod.

  1. Interactive sessions

One of the essential parts of projector hire service for events is electronic whiteboards, where the essential information is displayed to make the event more interactive. Whatever has been written on the electronic whiteboard can simply be saved to USB or emailed to attendees. This is a reliable way to keep the key points of your event at the forefront of the attendees’ minds.

  1. Save storage space

When you choose to rent a projector instead of buying it, you save storage space as it goes back to the rental service. You don’t have to worry about whether to leave the projector connected to any event venue or to remove it and store it in another place. All you need to concern about is packing the projector and returning it to the rental company.

  1. Eye-catching image quality

If you are launching a product at an event, then the best way to showcase your product specifications is with high-quality images that display your new products in its best way. Projector hire is the ultimate way to share essential business collateral with attractive images that can market your business.

Make your Event more Appealing through Projector Hire Service

Projectors are powered by a bulb or lamp. Most lamps or bulbs will last for about 2,000 hours, so at some point of time it eventually wears out and needs to be replaced. Here comes the role of projector hire service providers. You can contact professionals who can provide a cost-effective way to replace or buy these projector lamps in Melbourne.

They will provide you with a wide range of projectors, from basic wedding projectors to high brightness corporate event projectors. So you have the options to choose from as per your event. In short, hiring the projector services seems to be the most viable option for anyone who needs to deal with the events regularly.

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6 Factors To Consider During Aircon Installation

As the scorching heat takes a toll on your home, you’re more likely dreaming of the perfect, cool place to relax. If you don’t have an air conditioning unit or need a new one installed, there’s no better season to bring one. However, there are a few important factors which need to be considered during Aircon installation:

aircon installation Melbourne1. Size Of The Equipment

The size of the air conditioner unit is key to providing full comfort to the users. Size plays a very significant part in deciding the efficiency and longevity of the machine. If the unit is too much small, then it may not be enough for cooling your entire property and might fail totally in very hot weather. If the unit starts and stops more frequently, and the unit is too large, it will end up using a lot of energy.

2. Ductwork

If the ductwork in the house is not installed to carry out the cool air throughout the structure, then this may also be required to be addressed before bringing in the air conditioner. The duct seams and joints need to be properly sealed. The ductwork needs to be excellent as leaks in this system can slow the cooling process, which can impact the efficiency.

A licensed professional will review your current ducting and provide expert advice on a plan to move forward with the Aircon installation. Ductwork can be sealed or replaced in order to increase efficiency.

3. Placement

Before air conditioning installation one needs to find a shady area for the condenser. Condensers placed in overly lit areas can lead to overheating. In the process, costly damage can occur to the system. In addition to this, it needs to be in a location where the airflow will not be blocked. This ensures maximum efficiency with every use.

4. Repairs

Air conditioning repairs in Melbourne homes play a very important part in maintaining the unit in a good working condition. The unit must be installed in such a manner that, air conditioning repairs are easier and can be done regularly.

5. Alternatives

There are ultramodern models which have been manufactured using the latest technology and tools. If a radiator is present instead of forced air furnace, then a full house system of venting needs to be installed. Otherwise, one must settle for the window AC units. With new age ductless mini split air conditioners, indoor air handlers will be required without the need for renovation.

6. Cost of Installation

Aircon installation in Melbourne can be a costly affair. It is price worthy, due to the comfort level offered by an air conditioner. Some homeowners pay more depending on the amount of space, which needs to be kept cool. Nowadays, it is quite possible to selectively cool a particular area only. There are special venting techniques and portable air conditioners available in the market for this purpose. This is a very good option for people living in the temperate climate as it can be quite a cost-effective solution.


Considering all the important factors before choosing the equipment of your choice in Melbourne will prove to be very beneficial for making important decisions about an air conditioner purchase and installation. It is recommended to hire a licensed local residential electrician for the job. Read this informative blog to know the reasons for the same.

Electrician North Melbourne

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Local Residential Electrician?

Reliable Residential Electrician is the way towards safety!

Electricity manages almost everything in a house and a small mistake can generate huge problems. Therefore, when it comes to electrical work at home, you need to be sure that the expert you are hiring is a licensed local residential electrician. Wondering why it is so important? Further reading can solve your queries!

It might come as a shock to homeowners to discover that, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, nearly 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries and $1.3 billion in property damage. Therefore, as prevention is better than cure and to avoid a number of cases associated with electrical fires, hiring a professional is the most convenient choice one can go for.

But there are individuals, who choose to hire the services of a non-licensed electrician for half of the price compared to a proficient electrician. Basically, the electricians work for $30-$50 an hour or more depending on local rates and their qualifications.

Electrician South Yarra

At first, the non-licensed electrician will appear to be cost-effective but later will lead to additional maintenance and repair cost. As a non-licensed residential electrician do not take enough time to examine your electrical issue which causes additional cost due to poor service within a short time to maximize the opportunities for other customers.

Here is the blog which will sum up some of the important reasons why you should hire a licensed local residential electrician.

1. They have proper training

If you would choose licensed electricians, then you don’t have to worry about an efficient electrical service they provide. Licensed electricians have gone through training, essential to do the job safely and correctly. Along with this, you will also obtain the guarantee when you will hire the licensed residential electrician.

2.Offers Warranty

By getting a warranty you will be assured that a product or a service is of high quality. When a local residential electrician offers you a warranty, it suggests that he is promising you that his work is efficient. By giving you a warranty, he is also providing his reputation as an electrician and gaining trust from customers. In addition to it, you will get what you are really paying for – A reliable electrical service!

3.Provides safety in the long-term

Did you know the fact that 21% of electrical injuries (including arc flash) tended to be permanent? So, to avoid any permanent damage it is essential that be safe by hiring a local residential electrician. Also, when it comes to air con installation, you need to consider certain factors before hiring them.

These professionals identify any hazards that could harm the home and its occupants. Which suggests that when the job had been done, all the safety problems will be addressed and you can have a complete peace of mind related to the electrical work completed?

Electrician Melbourne

4.Usage of appropriate tools and equipment

Let’s be real here! There are many situations created in our house where you try to fix the minor electrical problems by yourselves. You tend to call a professional electrician in South Yarra for help only when the problem is too big to be handled by you.

Such problems required specialized equipment and expertise. A professional has access to top-quality tools and equipment which one might require for fixing an electrical fault. Due to this, the possibility of occurring damage would be decreased and also reduces the time taken to fasten the issues.

5. They can get it done right the first time

Are you thinking that you don’t need that licensed tag to fix something as small as a fuse? Think again!
As per Population Survey Monitor for May 1998 and February 2000, “In 1968, 232 persons died in fires, and 87 of these (38%) were killed from a fire in a private dwelling.” Also from this big issue to a small problem like blown out fuse is a result of a fault in some electrical equipment. Only a professional electrician in North Melbourne would be able to detect the cause of the blown-out fuse and fix it to stop a persistent problem.

A local licensed residential electrician in North Melbourne would know what the issue was and would be able to fix it permanently.


After listing all these reasons to hire a licensed local residential electrician, you won’t think of hiring someone without asking for a license. Would you?

Don’t risk the protection of your family and hard-earned savings by hiring an unlicensed electrician. Instead give yourself a peace of mind, by hiring licensed electrician!!